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June Deal: Couples That…

Couples that play together stay together. It’s also true that couples that workout together stick to their goals better! Walter Martin, IFBB Professional and owner at the all new NoNonSense Training Facility, now located in Midway Mall in Elyria, has had tremendous success in training couples. This week, Walter has made an offer that few Read more about June Deal: Couples That…[…]

2016 Chicago FIT & FLEX Expo.

So You Want to Be a Bodybuilder?

Any person deciding to compete in a bodybuilding show, I applaud for wanting to get yourself in the best shape of your life. Because that’s what its going to take! So You Want to Be a Bodybuilder? Now that you have chosen to take that leap, there are a few¬†things I would like you to Read more about So You Want to Be a Bodybuilder?[…]

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