July 14, 2016


After having my third baby in less than 5 years, I knew my leftover body needed rehabilitated back to a life of its own. I started slowly- committing to just 3 days per week at the gym and I lost weight but I still wasn’t satisfied. I began working with Walter and he made immediate changes that brought quick results. My diet is more structured and my workouts more purposeful. I am so thankful for him and what his No Nonsense program has done for me. I look and feel better than I ever have in my life (hello 6-pack!!). I’m a very busy mom: I homeschool my children and run a business from my home- not to mention soccer practices and swimming lessons and all the running around that comes with 3 kids. I don’t have a lot of extra time in my day but he’s made it so I never want to skip a workout or eat poorly because the body I have now is my trophy and I want it to stay polished and healthy.

I found Walter on Facebook. I started with him in July 2015. I was at 22% body fat. Walter has helped me complete 3 shows. In the1st show, I took 1st and 2nd in my class. And in my 2nd show, I took 4th. In my 3rd show, I took 8th but came down to 10% body fat.

Walter is the best coach and he really cares about his team. I love being part of this team because everyone is so supportive and caring. I plan on doing more shows in the future. I wanted my husband to experience this amazing team so he joined as well. He did his 1st show ever, and he placed 4th!

One month difference following Walters plan! This man is AMAZING at what he does!

When meeting up with Walter for the first time a year ago (May 2015), he confidently told me that I am capable of stepping on stage one day. While doubting myself with where I was at the time (around 210lbs, barely fitting into a size 14 pair of pants) I decided to just wing it and try what I can with the help from him and the wonderful team he puts together. Fast forward to a year later, nearly 65lbs down and my jean size is now cut in half, the team and I have made my goal that I thought was unobtainable, possible. Quite honestly, I don’t think reality set in until my second show. I can’t believe that I actually set a goal, and accomplished it. I take credit for the hardwork, dedication, discipline, and sacrifice… But I would have not have even been close to hitting anyone of those without the help from Walter and our amazing team! (Team nononsense for the win!) Walter is not only a coach, he’s become a best friend.. And even better; family. Our team is a huge family, and we go above and beyond to help each other reach our goals. We all support eachother, we train & travel together, and well… We eat together :-p

I’m writing this one week post show, and my feelings have gotten stronger about how I feel towards this lifestyle and how that one simple “let’s get this started, coach!” has changed my life. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for us all, but I can tell you it holds big things.

I can’t thank (IFBB PRO) Walter Martin enough for letting Ashley and I use his personal training facility while on vacation. His gym is hands down the best around and has everything you need no matter what your goals are. As for Walter he is an awesome guy and made us feel like family. And as you can tell from this picture he knows what he is doing. #TrainWithAPro #NoNonsenseTrainingFacility #beastmodebarbie #MostHatedGear #RocksDiscountSupplements #MostHatedArmy #RocksBuilt

Walter is much more than a trainer. He is family. He truly cares for each and every client and wants the best for them. Personally he has helped me not only with training but also with emotional support and guidance. My journey is far from over but I’m very pleased with the results so far. His love for his profession shows in everything he does. I look forward to what the future holds.

I met Walter just a few short months ago even thought my journey to self improvement started long before then. Through yo-yo diets and starvation, I began to change my outside image but in all the wrong ways. I had no idea what I was doing and what I’ve come to find out just how much damage I was truly doing to myself.

Now with Walter’s help the game is now all mental. The results do come when the hard work is put in. I’ve had complete blood work done and now my blood pressure is normal and my sitting heart rate is at a perfect range.

I’ve not only been taught what to eat but HOW to eat for the growth of my muscles. And to always remember that this is all a waiting game and it does take time!

Start weight 2010 : 230lbs
Current weight 2016: 186lb

As most of you know, I’ve struggled with my weight pretty much since middle school. Even collegiate sports never truly helped me keep my weight under control. Since then, I’ve done the yo-yo that most people do, only mine was to the extreme. About 10 weeks ago, my good friend Joe Fedak introduced me to Walter Martin. I had woken up to being the heaviest I’d ever been, and was honestly scared with where I was in that regard. Working with Walt has been one of the greatest things I’ve ever done, and he has taught me how to work out and watch my nutrition and do it all with NoNonsense (that was for you Walt). Today I stepped on the scale and have already lost 54 pounds and feel amazing. Happy for where I am, less worried about where I’m going and ready to take the next 50 off. Thanks to my friends and family for their support, and thanks to Walt and the team at No Nonsense Training for the extra drive to do this.

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