Overcoming Gym Anxiety

Gym intimidation is one of the main barriers to exercise for people who are looking to begin their fitness journey. So, what are some factors of gym intimidation (or anxiety), and how can you overcome them? “I don’t know where to start.” “I don’t know how to use any of the equipment.” “I feel lonely Read more about Overcoming Gym Anxiety[…]

Do you know your numbers?

šŸš«Warning šŸš«This is kinda long.. And this is for normal eating people. Not for a lot of you old school meat heads that only eat 1 cheat meal per week and walk around all year under 10% body fat.. Lol I’ve been looking up nutritional information on restaurant foods for a pretty long time. Its Read more about Do you know your numbers?[…]

2016 Chicago FIT & FLEX Expo.

So You Want to Be a Bodybuilder?

Any person deciding to compete in a bodybuilding show, I applaud for wanting to get yourself in the best shape of your life. Because that’s what its going to take! So You Want to Be a Bodybuilder? Now that you have chosen to take that leap, there are a fewĀ things I would like you to Read more about So You Want to Be a Bodybuilder?[…]

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