To My Team at Switzer Performance – THANK YOU

NoNonSense Training & Fitness - Sponsored by Switzer PerformanceThere are so many people that I need to thank for making all of this a reality for me. Today, I am so very grateful to three people I consider to be family and am lucky to call my sponsors. I want to give a huge shout out to my sponsors Tym Switzer, Gloria Switzer, Kayleigh Switzer of Switzer Performance. Without these guys, my life would be so much harder. Competing would be a huge challenge for me, but they make it so much easier.

I truly can’t thank them enough because they are always there for me. They go way above and beyond being just a sponsor. If you know me and you know them, you know we are closer then family. If I need to leave for any reason, I can talk to Gloria and she takes care of my kids. My wife’s car needed a ton of work, and guess who’s there? The Switzers.  Tym does all the mechanical work himself. I need a tire for my SUV, and I call Kayleigh. I say, “Hey sis, I need a tire”. And Switzer Performance doesn’t sell tires! Switzer Performance builds the baddest, fastest cars on the street. And, fortunately for me, they have access to getting tires cheaper than I could and did that for me.

NoNonSense Training & Fitness - Sponsored by Switzer PerformanceI can’t thank these guys enough for all they do for my family. Their continued and unconditional support, both in the gym and outside the gym, means so much to me. And to top it off, my team at Switzer Performance doesn’t miss my shows. They will fly across the country to see me win, lose or draw! They are always there for me, for my family, and for my gym. So once again, thank you to my three amigos!! Thank you so much to my team at Switzer Performance!!

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