The NTF Shop is Growing!

Slowly but surely, we are adding new food items weekly. We are about to add several different supplements this coming month. We are dedicated to providing you with healthy and delicious options that will help enhance your training and diet programs. My baby – NTF – is growing! And the NTF Shop is growing!

Welcoming a New Item to Our Shop

NoNonSense Training & Fitness - Food Options - Buff CakesI want to welcome my new item this week. The Buff Cake by Lil Buff bakery Christine Duffy Moore. You have to come and try these protein-infused desserts!! I promise you won’t be let down!! The NTF shop is growing, and we continue to add protein-packed and delicious food options for you to enjoy. Without the guilt. And without derailing you and your custom training program.

About the Buff Cake:

Buff Cakes are made with whole foods and natural ingredients from scratch. No protein powders, artificial sweeteners, dairy, gluten or added sugars are used to make the cakes. Inspired by those who are dedicated to watching what they eat, created for anyone who craves a treat!

Do Buff Cakess contain nuts? Yes
Are Buff Cakes gluten free? Yes
Are Buff Cakes Dairy Free? Yes
Do Buff Cakes use added sugars? Only S’mores contains added sugar derived from vegan marshmallows.

NoNonSense Training and FitnessThe NTF Shop is Growing

Come in and see these and all the other goodies at NTF. The NTF Shop is growing! And with your continued support, we will only grow bigger and provide you with even more delicious dieting options!

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The NTF Shop is Growing - Food Offerings

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