NTF Food Tasting

The old myth of having to eat salads to lose weight is over!

NoNonSense Training & Fitness - Food Options - MamaT's CookiesHave you ever wanted to get fit? Do you want to have that summer body but you just can’t seem to get past your sweet tooth? What if I told you that you could have that six-pack and still eat delicious cakes, cookies, pasta and all the other things you thought that you never could have? What if you could come to a food tasting to try these items before you buy them?

NoNonSense Training & Fitness - Food Options - Best Bar EverThe wait is over! Please come and join us for an amazing food tasting of Team NoNonsense’s large assortment of delicious Mama Ts protein cookies, Best Bar Ever, Buff Cakes plus so much more including sugar-free protein rice cakes in cookies and cream, banana, and other flavors.

NoNonSense Training & Fitness - Food Options - Buff CakesAlso, IFBB Pro Bodybuilder and owner, Walter Martin will be putting on a free nutrition seminar about how to use all these items in your diet and still achieve the results that will make you proud to put on that summer outfit. Whether you are a competitor looking for new options or an individual looking to change your life, we have the keys to taking your physique to the next level.

Join us:
Sunday June 26, 2016
11:00 A.M.

Our Location:
41353 Schadden Rd
Elyria, Ohio 44035

Any questions, please contact Walter Martin at 440.281.2873

We hope to see you there!

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