Dreams are Coming True

We keep growing weekly! I’m reinvesting every extra dollar NTF makes to grow my baby into a magical place – you don’t need to go anywhere else because it’s all here! LOL! I love thanking my clients, so I want to thank them all again because without you, there would be no me. My dreams are coming true!

My dreams wouldn’t be surpassing my expectations. I wouldn’t be having the time of my life. Everyday, I wake up so thankful because I just can’t believe all of this has happened in such a short period of time. I still find this so crazy because just in March, less then 90 days ago, this was a distant thought of a dream.

NoNonSense Training and FitnessSeriously, I did not and was not even trying to open anything. Then situations arose where I had to make the choice of my lifetime to stay or go. Which I still thank World Gym for my start, because without working there 1st for years, I wouldn’t have gained the knowledge and know how of bodybuilding I learned from Ifbb Pro Brian Hoydic and Mike Ely. Without these 2 guys I would have not gotten into bodybuilding. I would not have worked at world gym. So huge thanks to them both.

After speaking with Stephanie Majkut-Martin Tym Switzer, Gloria Switzer, Kayleigh SwitzerMike & Kimberly Johnson Oleksa, Justo Delgado, Britt Johnson, David Andras, and so many more – I’m sorry I couldn’t name everyone because I know I probably spoke to you all about it.

Everyone gave me a “You can do it if you put your mind to it!” outlook so I had to try it. I got support from so many people which made this possible. So thank you all – my dreams are coming true! And come shop with me so I can keep growing! LOL! Love and respect you all!!


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