Do you know your numbers?

🚫Warning 🚫This is kinda long.. And this is for normal eating people. Not for a lot of you old school meat heads that only eat 1 cheat meal per week and walk around all year under 10% body fat.. Lol

I’ve been looking up nutritional information on restaurant foods for a pretty long time. Its amazing that when doing research you find out more then you thought you would .. I found out how hard restaurants 1- out right lie or 2 try to hide all the nutritional info so you quit trying to look it up it seems. Restaurants goals are to make food taste amazing as possible so you come back. But making it taste great to them is adding extra fats and sugars

Another thing I found out is, most of the popular meal options in restaurants are higher in calories, carbs and fat then in highest calorie options in all of your fast food restaurants. Crazy right! This is because say for instance in a great tasting steak some restaurants soak the steak in a butter or oil. And some restaurants even add butter on top of the steak while cooking it. Tastes great but thanks for the extra 30 grams of fat

How many people know the nutritional information in the foods you eat at home? Not many right . Now how many know the nutritional information in foods in restaurants? I’m sure that one is even lower. These numbers should be known not only for health benefits but also for a person that thinks their eating healthy that’s going for weight loss but they are really eating horrible, gaining body fat and can’t figure out why.

Just like everything else to be successful at it you have to learn how to be excellent at it. Eating smart / dieting isn’t about extreme sacrifice. Its not about limited options. Its not about starving or eating salads all day. Its about Smarter choices, knowing what ,when and how much of it to eat. Its all about knowing what numbers work for you. Its about having a large variety of options to make your goals successful.

Knowing these numbers are so important in so many ways. It will make eating easier. It will make eating less stressful for you and those around you. It will make losing weight much more of an obtainable goal. It will give you the ability to hold yourself more accountable and be more knowledgeable about what you’re putting into your body.

I told myself I would wait till I was done but I’m close to being done and a little too excited to not say anything.. 🤔🤔 I put something together that will simplify eating for many. It will be on my website soon!!

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