Control the Beast

I’m speaking from personal experience. I learned how to control the beast, and I sincerely hope I can help others to do the same.

Control the Beast

People love to go crazy post-show by eating junk food. Here is something to consider. Instead of overloading on all the high sugary foods, overload on something else. For instance, if you are going to overeat, you should force yourself to overeat on meats. Seriously. For one thing, it will keep you fuller longer, and the potential for gaining tons of water and body fat drastically decreases. You will definitely go to the bathroom more, but at least you won’t be gaining up to 20 pounds in a week.

Why would you spend 12-20 weeks of ass busting work only to give it away in days? In my experience, most people who go crazy after a show, it lasts about 2-4 weeks.

Tips to live by post show

  1. NoNonSense Training & Fitness - Control the BeastPunch anyone who gives you a gift containing a bunch of bullshit garbage food because they obviously don’t like you.
  2. Do not – and I MEAN DO NOT – stockpile a bunch of “post show goodies” at home.
  3. Don’t take a bunch of goodies to the show with you.  Just don’t. You don’t need it, so don’t be stupid!
  4. Remember, this is the most important time to follow a reverse diet meal plan.

Look, you can relax and enjoy eating more “normal” after your show is over. That said, don’t be that person. And you KNOW who that person is. That person is the one who’s laughed at in your gym because he/she went from fab, walking around in tiny clothes and tanks, to flab, wearing the “I’m not showing my body before your next fill up” look.

Just food for thought. Remember, I like you, so I am giving you this advice. It’s your choice to listen to me or not.

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